Off Scot Free

Off Scot Free by Liam Ashe

This Summer I enjoyed a few months off, just enough time to finish my next book in the Elle Cunningham Mackay series of murder mysteries. Reaction to Thou Shalt Not Kilt was so strong, I wanted to make sure the that the follow-up was worth the wait. In early September, I’l be dropping Off Scot Free, my newest murder mystery set in the North Carolina town of St. Andrews. Want to check it out? You can find it on Amazon next month or buy your own personalized copy of Off Scot Free at County Argyle.

How far would you go to unmask a killer hiding in plain sight?

Five years ago, handyman Duncan Scott was convicted of the brutal murder of single mother Shona Mackay. After his unexpected release from prison throws his sleepy North Carolina hometown into an uproar, threats of violence follow, and Duncan’s newfound freedom is quickly cut short by a competition pitchfork stolen from the Highland games.

When researcher and historian Elle Cunningham Mackay’s ex-husband—Shona’s oldest son—is implicated in what appears to be a clear case of small-town justice, she jumps into action to protect his reputation and ensure his daughter Paige doesn’t lose her father. Elle’s ex may be a philanderer, but he’s no murderer. As she begins diving into the family’s past to uncover the truth, she finds clue after clue that leads to an uncomfortable conclusion: Duncan was innocent.

Then, another suspicious death hits close to home, making it clear that someone in their community will go to any extreme to keep the truth buried. Will Elle uncover the shocking secret that connects these murders, or will she risk alienating herself from the town she loves-and becoming the real murderer’s next target-to exonerate a convicted killer?

Dive into Off Scot Free and follow Elle as she investigates Scottish-flavored mysteries that will immerse you in a work of the Highlands, kilts, bagpipes, and haggis.

Love a good murder? Be sure to take a stab at Thou Shalt Not Kilt, a traditional Southern whodunnit with Scottish flavor. For my latest news and updates, follow me on Instagram and TikTok. Sign up for Fatal Fiction, my monthly mystery newsletter, and you’ll get a free download of Masters of Murder, my concise guide to the authors of mystery’s Golden Age.

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