My August 2023 Calendar

Liam's August 2023 Calendar

For the first time in several years (just pretending that the pandemic didn’t slow me down at all), I am taking a month off to write—just write. My August 2023 calendar sits empty.

I’ve had the final draft of my next Elle Cunningham Mackay mystery, Off Scot Free, nearly done for a year. As I have written before, editing a mystery poses a challenge. I compare it to lining up a row of dominoes. Pull the wrong domino at the wrong time, and you don’t get the result you want. Remove the wrong clue or clip the wrong conversation and the mystery fellas apart. This free time gives me the leisure to focus on wrapping up the book. My goal remains to have it proofed and printed in time for the Stone Mountain Highland Games this Fall.

The rest of my free time is spent either casting sterling silver jewelry for County Argyle (my full time gig) or reading Crossroad Runes on Instagram and TikTok (just like my grandmother taught me). If you’re curious about either one, drop me a line and I’ll fill you in on the details.

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