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Elle Mackay Mysteries

Professional genealogist and historian Elspeth (Elle) Cunningham Mackay has the worst luck — with family, jobs, men and stumbling over dead bodies. She is blessed, however, with a sharp wit, a keen mind and mile-wide stubborn streak. Elle’s Scottish-flavored mysteries will immerse you in a world of kilts, bagpipes, highland games and, regrettably, haggis. Elle’s first adventure, Thou Shalt Not Kilt, is scheduled to print in late 2017.

Thou Shalt Not Kilt

An heirloom dagger in the heir apparent’s back suggests a killer is targeting the last sons of the historic MacUspaig clan.

When Stuart MacUspaig announced he was selling the family estate, closing the historic Roan Island Highland Games and divorcing his soon-to-be ex-wife, it was clear he needed a change. An antique dirk in his back was more change than bargained for. As amateur sleuth and Scottish historian Elle Cunningham Mackay investigates the death of her one-time lover, she risks becoming collateral damage in the extinction of Clan MacUspaig.

Emery Vaughn Thrillers

As owner of the eccentric and unapologetically odd Curio City, Emery Vaughn knows that it takes more than just curiosity to kill a cat. In fact, the trinkets of death (the more bizarre the better) are his specialty. The hunt — whether it’s for a rumored codex from an ancient cult, a fabled death mask of a forgotten film star or a mythical relic with a blood-soaked past — keeps Emery in the game and, more often, in grave danger. Emery’s first thriller, as yet untitled, is scheduled to print in early 2018.

The Tales of the Forgotten Gods

What if the old gods never died? What if their celestial fire lived on? What if they walked among us, their identities a mystery to us, and to themselves? A young girl in Victorian-era New York discovers that who she is — and who she was — plays a pivotal role in a thousand-year plot to draw the old gods out of the shadows and back into power. Empyrean, the first tale, is scheduled to print in summer 2018.

Dante & Cheshire

A medieval magical misfire creates an unlikely partnership. Two young women — from different times and different worlds — cross the globe and the centuries pursuing a cabal of soul-thirsty demons masquerading as humans. Their first adventure is scheduled to print in late 2018.