Update: June 2018

A few weeks off during the summer gave me a rested start for the second half of the year. The final edits are underway on Thou Shalt Not Kilt, and the next two books in the Elle Cunningham Mackay series are taking shape. With any luck, Elle’s first mystery should be rolling off the e-book press in late Summer.

The follow up series, starring Elle’s lifelong friend Emery Vaughn, is next up. The first book, The Earl of Hell’s Waistcoat, is nearing completion and should be ready for the editor and beta readers later this year. It is a change of pace from the Elle Mackay books with more thriller elements and a stronger focus on adventure.

Over at Rampant House, their inaugural card game, Helmortem Hall, is in its final round of play testing. This is the first writing I’ve done for a game, and it was a blast! This exciting 2 to 4 player game should be hitting Kickstarter by this Fall.