This past weekend I spent five days in a rustic camp on the banks of the Suwannee river. The impact was immediate. I am more relaxed, my energy is flowing and writing has regained its focus. This balance came at a cost. Since my return home, I have mentally revisited the camp several times. Something very fundamental about the experience connected with me; I suspect it may have a place in the next tale.

Many of the settings in my writing come from places of which I have first hand experience. My characters find their place easily in cities like New York, Savannah, London and Prague. Regions like the area around St. Ives, the Georgia coast and southern France come to life with little effort. For whatever reason, these specific locales speak to me, and they speak to my characters.

The challenge, now, is to question my own resolve. Yes, the place and I have connected. I keep returning to one uneven set of chapters. Would this setting make more sense? Would the narrative seem less forced? Perhaps. But, does the revision make sense, or am I simply revising for the sake of rewriting?