Three Favorite Public Domain Mysteries

Pick Three: Public Domain Mysteries

Looking for a summer read that won’t break the bank? Try one of these public domain mysteries below. Each exists outside of copyright and can be downloaded and read for free. On a side note, should you always seek out authorized copies when purchasing books that have fallen out of

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Liam's March 2024 Calendar

My March 2024 Calendar

The highlight of my month is, without a doubt, the St. Augustine Scottish Festival at historic Francis Field. I attend every year to sell my hand cast sterling jewelry and sign books for friends old and new. If you are in the area, come out for this Ancient City event

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Three of Agatha Christie's Other Detectives

Pick Three: Christie’s Other Detectives

While Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple endure as well-known fictional detectives, Christie had several other leads, some with multiple titles to their names. Here are three of my favorites from the Dame of Crime’s B roster. Towards Zero by Agatha Christie In one of only five appearances, Superintendent Battle takes

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Hercule Poirot on TV from Liam Ashe

A Surfeit of Poirots, Part One

Most readers of Agatha Christie already have a clear mental image of Hercule Poirot. In canon, the Belgian detective measures only 5’4”. Green eyes highlight a bald, egg-shaped head. His wardrobe reflects his clean, clinical mind and his precise, tidy nature. His famous mustache warrants another paragraph or two all

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Three Queens of Mystery

Pick Three: Queens of Mystery

Most mystery readers recognize Agatha Christie as the Queen of Crime, and Ellery Queen was America’s favorite detective for most of the 20th century. So, what other Queens of Mystery can be found on mystery lovers’ shelves? Following are three titles with a regal pedigree. All the Queen’s Men by

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Liam's February 2024 Calendar

My February 2024 Calendar

This month I am on the road more often than I am at home as the Celtic Festival season kicks into high gear. For only the second time in 14 years, the Tallahassee Scottish Festival is back on the map with two days of Caledonian athletics and culture. The following

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The Quirky Mysteries of Ellery Queen

The Quirky Mysteries of Ellery Queen

Even among the quirky authors and colorful pen names of the Golden Age writers, Ellery Queen stands out as a queer duck. The single nom de plume of two cousins — Daniel Nathan (a pseudonym for Frederic Dannay) and Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky (a pseudonym for Manfred Bennington Lee), Ellery Queen

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