Off Scot Free by Liam Ashe

Off Scot Free

This Summer I enjoyed a few months off, just enough time to finish my next book in the Elle Cunningham Mackay series of murder mysteries. Reaction to Thou Shalt Not Kilt was so strong, I wanted to make sure the that the follow-up was worth the wait. In early September,

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Types of Murder Mysteries

Types of Mysteries, Part II

Last month we looked at some of the major types of murder mysteries in lit today. The Whodunit and the Hard-Boiled Detective are classic tropes in mystery fiction. Let’s finish up the list with four more favorites. The Pastiche is really big right now. You may not know the term,

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Types of Murder Mysteries

Types of Mysteries, Part I

There really must be a murder, or at least a major felony — otherwise, what’s the point? Who’s ripping off the hand towels at the Dorchester Hotel is hardly the business of a mystery novel. — Howard Haycraft When I say I am a novice writer, people ask, “What kind

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Dame Agatha Christie

All About Agatha

Celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s debut novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, have shed fresh light on the Queen of Crime. The result? A new generation of readers is discovering her twisty tales and macabre mysteries. For us more seasoned Christie fans, there is always something new

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The Best of Mysteries of 2020

With the success of books like Gone Girl and Girl Last Seen, thrillers have really hit their high mark in popularity over the past few years. Mysteries, however, are beginning to make a comeback with some of the best titles to hit the genre in over a decade. Following are

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Murder After Midnight by Liam Ashe

Murder After Midnight & Favorite Christies

I have some exciting news! Yesterday I published Murder After Midnight, my first mystery novella in an unabashedly Agatha Christie style (now available on Amazon). Now, to get into the spirit of the Grand Dame of Golden Age Murder, I asked each of my newsletter subscribers to send me the

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Mondays Are Murder

Fatal Fiction

For those of you who have been following me since the beginning, first I want to say “Thank you!” With my first book finally in print, the response has been overwhelming. There are almost 1,000 copies in print or downloaded, which for an unknown, self-published title is outstanding. And I

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