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Mondays Are Murder

For those of you who have been following me since the beginning, first I want to say “Thank you!” With my first book finally in print, the response has been overwhelming. There are almost 1,000 copies in print or downloaded, which for an unknown, self-published title is outstanding. And I truly thank each of you for helping make that possible.

Now that things are starting to take off, so I wanted to start giving back. This week I did a hard relaunch of my weekly newsletter. Rebranded Mondays Are Murder, the quick email will feature a little bit of mystery fiction news, updates on my own books, a few of the new books on my bookshelf and, best of all, special deals with other authors with whom I am partnering. Each week be sure to check for free book giveaways and amazing sales like 99¢ for cozies and other ebook mysteries. You may find a new author or another series that needs to be devoured, and you’ll discover both at a heck of a savings.

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, be sure to join. It comes out once each week and you can unsubscribe at any time. Plus, you also get a free downloadable copy of Masters of Murder, my guide to the detectives and authors of mystery’s Golden Age. Ready to grab your copy? Just click here.

Over the next few weeks, I have several other projects that are ready to debut. There will be weekly mini-mysteries featuring Mafalda Marchand, contests and giveaways with VERY cool prizes, perhaps a podcast or two and more. I am also working on a possible virtual book tour with a few fellow mystery writers. Details to come.

Thank you again for an amazing few months. Exciting things are on the horizon!

Ceud mìle fàilte!

Mystery Author Liam Ashe

Just in case we haven’t met, I am Liam Ashe, author and outspoken fan of Golden Age mysteries and edge-of-your-seat thrillers. My books feature Scottish historian Elle Mackay, former spy Mafalda Marchand and curiosity merchant Emery Vaughn. My first book, Thou Shalt Not Kilt, is available on Amazon.

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Love classic mysteries? Enjoy getting free books? Sign up for my weekly newsletter, Mondays Are Murder, and you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Masters of Murder, my guide to the essential authors and mysteries of murder’s Golden Age. Each week I’ll also send you mystery reviews, news on new releases and chances to win free books and other amazing stuff.

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Love classic mysteries? Sign up for my weekly newsletter, Mondays Are Murder, and I’ll send you a free copy of Masters of Murder, my brief guide to mystery’s Golden Age. You’ll also get news on my new releases and chances to win other amazing stuff.

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