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Guilty pleasures

My work keeps me on the road several days each month. Driving across the southeast, I find myself staying nights in hotels, motels and AirBnB rooms more often than I’d like. I also catch myself stopping in thrift stores, vintage shops, salvage yards and estate sales simply for the thrill of the hunt.

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As characters grow

It may simply be laziness on my part, but when I read a book by another author, I picture an actor or actress playing each part. It’s a simple crutch, a heuristic that makes visualization a little easier. In the case of the Harry Potter books and films, the two series overlapped. Outstanding casting choices, however, perfectly married the picture in my mind’s eye with what I saw on the screen.

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A healthy list of literary podcasts

Writing, I have found, is good for my health. Over the past few months, I have been focused on my first novel, Thou Shalt Not Kilt. My best editing is done in my head, and it comes together nicely when I walk. Every night I’ve been putting in 30 minutes to complete a few laps around the block. The results have been fantastic — both for my book and my blood pressure.

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Recalling the journey

After two years toiling with my previous web site, I have taken a big step forward. You are looking at the earliest (but perhaps not final) results. This new blog format should – one hopes – give me both the opportunity and the platform to detail the steps of my writing journey.

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