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A Healthy List of Literary Podcasts

Literary Podcasts

Writing, I have found, is good for my health. Over the past few months, I have been focused on wrapping up my first novel, Thou Shalt Not Kilt. My best editing is done in my head, and it comes together nicely when I walk. Every night I’ve been putting in 30 minutes to complete a few laps around the block. The results have been fantastic — both for my book and my blood pressure.

My nightly constitutionals have also given me time to sample the wealth of podcasts available for budding writers. I’m not much for listening to lectures — I can’t stand sitting still — but the podcasts have become a welcome tradition in a very short time.

There are (literally) hundreds of lists online of which podcasts the novice novelist should favor. I prefer hands-on tutorials on publishing, editing and the grittier aspects of crafting a book. I won’t go into unnecessary depth, but I wanted to mention the podcasts I find myself returning to time and time again.

Author Joanna Penn tops my list with her insightful The Creative Penn podcast. Her advice is actionable, her guests are top notch and her interviews are rock solid.

If you want short and sweet, give Novel Marketing, Helping Writers Become Authors and Writing Excuses a try. Each podcast runs no more than 20 minutes, and the emphasis in on real world solutions to real world problems. Even on nights when I’m sure I don’t have time to walk, I can carve out 15 minutes for one of these three.

Finally, Bleeding Ink with J. S. Leonard is a bit longer winded but just as packed with useful information for the indie author. Leonard’s focus is on developing oneself as an author and his guests are industry standouts.

Finally, if you haven’t yet gotten hooked on podcasts, give Overcast a try. The app packs rich functionality and plenty of extras into a free app with an optional patron program.

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