An investigative genealogist. A goddess reborn. A curiosity seeker. A centuries-old demon hunter. These are few of — as my family refers to them — my imaginary friends. They have histories, personalities, loves, fears, relationships and dreams. They also have stories — many, many stories. These tales, to date, have never been told.

During my career in marketing and advertising, I spent 20 years telling stories for others. Now I am putting pen to paper and telling the stories told to me by these life-long friends.

Currently Thou Shalt Not Kilt, the first book in a planned series featuring professional genealogist and unrepentant snoop Elle Cunningham Mackay, is now finished and ready for the editor. Three other series are already in development. Elle’s colleague Emery Vaughn will launch his own series of thrillers in early 2018. Two original series set in a Victorian fantasy world — the Forgotten Gods trilogy and Dante & Cheshire, Demon Hunters — are scheduled for later that year.

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Recent posts

  • A light at the end of the tunnel (9/21/2017) - Tonight I am sitting at my computer, staring at the screen, and listening to the rain pour down outside. After three years of false starts, countless months of self doubt and several weeks of honest work, I have just finished my first draft of my first novel. It’s 58,642 words of Scottish-flavored, cozy mystery goodness, […]
  • A clever game of murder (6/5/2017) - Driving to Nashville last week, a friend asked me, “Why a mystery? Why choose to start your writing career with a cozy?” Simple. There’s something viscerally satisfying about a mystery novel. We encounter murder, intrigue and misdirection. As in life, we face problems that seem to have no answers. Unlike in life, each death or […]
  • Murder isn’t easy (5/4/2017) - I am heavy into the writing and revisions of Thou Shalt Not Kilt, and the body count has been impressive. To my surprise, there have been two more suspicious deaths. Turns out, this time I was the killer. Honestly, I didn’t like it one bit.